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  1. maasai necklace
    maasai necklace
  2. Maasai Beaded Necklace
  3. Customized necklace for couples-Nevyhoodz
  4. African colourful chokers
    African colourful chokers
  5. African Beaded Necklace
    African Beaded Necklace
  6. Beaded layered chain with matching earrings
  7. Long Gold Chain with Guard Pendant and matching earrings
  8. Long Gold Chain with Purple Pendant and matching earings
  9. Heart shaped multicoloured necklace
  10. Spear  head Brass necklace
  11. Rectangular neckpiece and matching earings
  12. Fancy gold jewelery set
  13. Butterfly gold plated neckpiece
  14. 18 karat gold plated chain
  15. chunky gold neckpiece
  16. looped chain
    looped chain
  17. 18 Karat Gold Plated Gold choker.
  18. oval neckpiece that comes with earings.
  19. American diamond designed chain
  20. 18 karats gold plated chain and earings designed with american diamonds
  21. Gold chunky chain with earings
  22. Green & White Suka Choker
  23. Maasai choker Neckpiece
  24. Cocktail Strip Neckpiece
    Cocktail Strip Neckpiece
    Special Price KES1,200.00 Regular Price KES1,500.00
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 30

Set Descending Direction
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