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  1. Micro USB  Data Cable Denim / Jeans Iphone Mobile Phone USB Charging Cable 1.2M - Blue
  2. Punex Multicharger With USB Port for Android Phones - White.
  3. UNIVERSAL  USB-Type C Cable 1 M - White
  4. Travel Adapter Charger Head - White
  5. GP RP10AB 10000mAh PowerBank - Black
  6. Fantasy Qi Wireless Charger Pad + Charging Adapter Module for IOS
  7. Macbook 60W Adapter - White
  8. Infinix Pin Charger-White
  9. Awei P30K 10000mAh Portable Quick Dual Charge Power Bank-White
  10. 10Watts USB Power Adapter -White
  11. Awei P97K 8000mAh Power Bank -Gold
  12. Awei P89K 16000mAh Power Bank With LED Flash Light- Pink
  13. OTG USB Type C Driver -Gold
  14. TECNO C5 Battery BL-25CT - Black
  15. Tripod Smartphone Holder Mount Adapter 360° -Black
  16. Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery-Black
  17. HTC 3 Pin Charger -Black
  18. Iphone Car Charger-Black
  19. Oraimo 3 Pin Flash Infinix Charger-White
  20. Infinix Charger-White
  21. Superior OTG Data Cable- Black
  22. Apple Pin Dock Connector To HDMI Cable Adapter 1.8m 6ft 30 -White
  23. P47 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Over Ear Headphones -Blue
  24. Infinix Smart Phone Charger-White
  25. Android Pin USB 1M Cable-White
  26. Micro Usb Android To Iphone Connector-White
  27. Neworldline USB For APPLEBook Pro-White
  28. Universal Micro USB,OTG Cable - Black
  29. IPhone 5/6 USB charger cable-White
  30. iPhone Charger -White
  31. Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Charger- White
  32. iPhone/iPad/iPod Charger- White
  33. Oraimo Charger & Data Sync Cable For All Android Phone-Black
  34. ZF-DENIM TYPE C Mobile Charger-Black
    ZF-DENIM TYPE C Mobile Charger-Black
    Special Price KES780.00 Regular Price KES900.00
  35. ZF-C2UL Mobile Car charger-Black
    ZF-C2UL Mobile Car charger-Black
    Special Price KES975.00 Regular Price KES1,100.00
  36. ZF-BLMC Mobile charger-Black
  37. ZF-RM1M+ Mobile charger-Black
    ZF-RM1M+ Mobile charger-Black
    Special Price KES970.00 Regular Price KES1,100.00
  38. ZF-BLIC Mobile charger-Black
    ZF-BLIC Mobile charger-Black
    Special Price KES875.00 Regular Price KES1,000.00
  39. ZF-ROADSTER Mobile Car Charger-Black
    ZF-ROADSTER Mobile Car Charger-Black
    Special Price KES1,950.00 Regular Price KES2,100.00
  40. ZF-C2U3 Mobile car charger-Black
    ZF-C2U3 Mobile car charger-Black
    Special Price KES970.00 Regular Price KES1,200.00
  41. ZF-CU4Pa Mobile Car Charger-Black
    ZF-CU4Pa Mobile Car Charger-Black
    Special Price KES1,170.00 Regular Price KES1,300.00
  42. ZF-3IC Mobile charger-Black
    ZF-3IC Mobile charger-Black
    Special Price KES780.00 Regular Price KES850.00
  43. ZF-CC6A -7.2A Mobile Charger
    ZF-CC6A -7.2A Mobile Charger
    Special Price KES780.00 Regular Price KES950.00
  44. 12000mAh Rocker Powervault
    12000mAh Rocker Powervault
    Special Price KES2,920.00 Regular Price KES3,200.00
  45. 15000mAh Rocker Powervault
  46. 10000mAh Rocker Powervault
    10000mAh Rocker Powervault
    Special Price KES2,440.00 Regular Price KES2,600.00
  47. 5000mAh Rocker Powervault
  48. iBRIT Power Bank 20000mAh
    iBRIT Power Bank 20000mAh
    Special Price KES2,900.00 Regular Price KES3,500.00
  49. ZP-PBS5 5000 maH Rocker Powerbank - Black
  50. USB | Power Adapter | Charger | For IPhone
  51. White Infinix 3 Pin Charger
  52. Veger Super slim Power Charger 15000mAh Power Bank
  54. Samsung Travel Charger - White
  55. USB Data Cable for Android Smartphones - White
    USB Data Cable for Android Smartphones - White
    Special Price KES125.00 Regular Price KES200.00
  56. INFINIX 30000mAh Smart Power Bank - Black
  57. Promate Vim-UK 2 Charger Adapter
  58. Promate Aidbar 5 Universal Portable
  59. Universal 4-Port USB Travel Adapter
Grid List

59 Items

Set Descending Direction
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