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Africasokoni Corporate 

Africasokoni Corporate is our marketplace for corporate/business customers who make bulk purchases. Whether you are a company or its procurement representative, a Sole Trader, or a PartnershipAfricasokoni Corporate, is fully dedicated to making sure all your procurement needs are met. We have a wide range of product and service offerings to enable you shop at one place, with the benefit of corporate or bulk discounts. Our professional customer services representatives will be available all through your online shopping experience to answer all your questions and provide all needed assistance. Once you are on the site you will be prompted to chat with a representative, alternatively, you can initial the chat yourself.

 Corporate Discount

Register free, on Africasokoni Corporate, and enjoy a corporate discount for your bulk purchases.

 Free Delivery

Benefit from our free delivery service, if you make a purchase of Ksh 100,000 or more

One stop shop solution

Get all your procurement needs satisfied in one place, with access to thousands of products on our marketplace.

Real-time assistance

Benefit from free real-time advice and our 24/7 customer services and have all your queries, and clarifications answered on the spot. 

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